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The purpose of the protocol is to work out a technical solution that has been realized in consultation by the software houses, and then to present it to the other four categories that have signed the protocol.

The Software houses

Their role consists in working out the technical aspects of the protocol so that electronic invoicing in Belgium works!


The real users of the electronic invoice. The protocol searches to present them with a solution so that they can perform.

The economic professions

We have the technical solution and the market is ready to exchange their documents electronically. The economic professions are processing the documents in the most efficient way.

The Service providers

They are glueing all the parties together and make it possible to create and exchnage the invoices between all parties

The public Administrations and authorities

VAT rules and other obligations are part of the protocol. Public administrations have validated the e-fff protocol


Implementing the e-fff protocol

Documentation and F.A.Q. are now available to help you in implementing the protocol

The Online e-fff tool

Play around with the e-fff format

Convert your PDF invoice to an e-fff invoice or Read your received e-fff documents.

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